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‘GoGreen Cabs’ is basically one of the first electric cab service provider company in Nashik. Founded by Ruchi Bhatia, Heena Shah and Shraddha Madaiya, the company is run by women entrepreneurs. The company provides green mobility solutions throughout the city with an aim to ‘make a change’. Currently, Nashikites have been experiencing a good deal of difficulties with the existing cab aggregators because of the availability of vehicles, pricing, geographical limitations, payment methods, late-night service availability, ride cancellation issues, and many others. Therefore, despite the fact that the service is ‘available,’ it is not always ‘accessible’ to travellers. As a result, GoGreen Cabs was founded to provide Nashikites with an effective, environmentally friendly, economical, and futuristic mobility solution. The company’s fleet of 15 fully automatic Electric Cabs offers a smooth and comfortable option for commuters looking for a luxury ride. As of this date, Go Green’s vehicles travel over 15000 kilometres per month, offsetting carbon footprints and thus safeguarding the environment as well. Customers of GoGreen Cabs specifically praise the professionalism of their services. Post-onboarding in the company, licensed drivers receive special training under the guidance of domain experts. These grooming efforts taken by the company can certainly be experienced during the ride by the travellers. The provision of packaged drinking water in the cars, sanitising the cars after each and every ride, and regular maintenance and clean-up of the vehicles contribute to the safety and comfort of the travellers. Additionally, the company offers economical rides, an easy travel experience, a touch of empathy in service, and complete autonomy in operations, which are a few of the additional USPs of the company. It goes without saying that all these factors are causing GoGreen Cabs to gain a high reputation for their services.

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