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The Cab Service You Can Always Rely On

Professional Drivers

Our drivers undergo special grooming sessions that instill excellent communication skills. Additionally, our drivers don’t have any facility to cancel your ride. Only customers can cancel their trips. Ride hassle-free with us.

No Surge Charge

Unlike other cab services, excessive traffic or client requests have no influence on the cost of the ride. Customers can order a cab ride without worrying about hidden charges.


Experience elevated comfort, anchored by our all-electric cars, which eliminate the factors that cause discomfort while traveling in a traditional manual cab.

Safety & Hygiene

We prioritize passenger safety as our primary objective, and we back it up by installing the most advanced and effective safety devices within the cab. Such as the dash cam and the SOS button.

Cabs For The Environment Conservers

Transportation accounts for 27% of global pollution, and the advancement of electric vehicles has provided a ray of hope in the midst of smog and other deadly gases. Choose carefully and help the environment by using Go Green Cabs.


Great Initiative to GO GREEN!
Would recommend everyone to use for their daily city commute and make contribution in saving the environment with GoGreen Cabs which are cost effective than other cabs 🙂

Hitesh Gavit

Highly recommended, best service at a lower cost than other cabs.

Sayali Thakur

Great service!!
I was stuck in the rain with family and getting Go Green Cabs on the difficult time and routes within a click was quiet helpful with premium cabs and lower cost than other cabs.

Mukesh Shewale

I used it for a very short distance but the experience was really amazing. The staff is helpful, co-operative & very soft spoken. And the service is very cost effective too. Very helpful for environment also.

Kunal Shah

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We Care for Both You and The Environment.

Driven by our EV cab services we aim to revolutionize the public transport domain by providing:

  • Timely & Efficient Cab Service
  • Comfortable & Affordable Rides
  • Cabs With Advanced Safety Features

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